Sunday, June 11, 2006

This just pisses me off

Earth as the center of the universe? Only if you use bad math from Good Math, Bad Math.

If you want to believe that the universe and the earth were created by some supernatural being some time in the (relatively) recent past, that's your choice. If you refuse to understand the scientific process and that evolution is a fact, that's your choice. But please don't try to use mathematics to prove it! Math and mathematicians get a bad enough rap as it is.



Teresa said...

LOL - OMG what some people will do to "make" the world what they want.

You do realize that those people, who think the Earth is the center of the universe, are simply a more self-effacing type than those who think THEY are the center of the universe. *grin*

They think... there must be a center, if we make ourselves the center God will be angry with us, therefore we make the Earth the center and give credit to God... DUDE!!! That so works for me!

I'd get angry but I'm laughing to hard at their self-centeredness.

MathCogIdiocy said...

I think one of the reasons I don't find this funny - although I loved the comment to the original post about fractal wrongness - is that I've run into too many people this past year who will believe crap like this because some math and scientific verbiage is included. Given that these people don't know enough to realize that the math is garbage and the underlying science is misused doesn't help.

It's like the day I started a 30 minute argument in the History & Systems class when I made a fascetious comment about evolution. I ended up having to defend science and scientists - there were students who believed that if you were a scientist or at least one who espoused evolution, you couldn't believe in God. No sense and no ability to think logically or critically.