Sunday, June 18, 2006

Special request. Support future mathematicians!

For all of the 2 or 3 people who read this blog, I've got a request that you do something for me that I think is very important. I can't do this right now because yesterday's mail brought the "pay by or we turn you off" electric bill (which I can't pay at the moment *sigh*). So, please think about going over to ScienceBlogs, specifically Good Math, Bad Math and donate for me.

"Donate to what?" you ask.

Here's the deal. From Help the SB gang help schools -

What we're doing is trying to get people to donate to That's an organization where teachers who's classrooms lack the supplies that they need can submit proposals, and donors can select specific proposals that they want to support. Each of the participants from SBs has picked a bunch of proposals that we think are valuable, and we're asking you guys, our readers, to look at those proposals, and donate some money to whichever ones you think are worth supporting.

So go on over to the Good Math, Bad Math donor site and GIVE! GIVE! GIVE!

ScienceBlogs is matching donated funds up to $10,000! As of yesterday (6/17/06), $8498.73 had been raised and will be matched.

Thank you.


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