Monday, June 05, 2006

Just in case you're interested

I've done my first post on my honor's research project. It's just an introduction/explanation of where the project came from. The post is here.


Harvey said...

So your research project will be in blog form?

That would be VERY cool :-)

MathCogIdiocy said...

Harvey - not in blog form. Somehow I don't think that fulfills the requirement that I present the study in a public forum. The school is thinking more along the lines of a presentation or poster thingy at a conference. Working my way through the background, the paper, and the process online lets me review eveything and, possibly, get some questions from anyone bored enough to read the posts. *grin* I can also say things on a blog (like that an author is full of sh*t) that I can't get away with in the formal paper.

The study itself wouldn't work via a blog. There's no way that it would be approved by the IRB - can't guarantee that I'd be in compliance with all the ethical stuff from APA guidelines for starters. I also need to have control over who is participating which I can't do well in an open forum. As I get posts up, this may make more sense.