Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday miscellany

The erstwhile housemate brought home four new black Indian Runner ducklings today. They're itty bitty ducklings. Somehow I forget every year how much noise baby birds make. Ducklings, goslings, chicks - they all peep continuously. But they're soooooo cute. *grin*

Even though it looks like I'll have to take the NH state motto rather too seriously, I've got a few links for your weekend edification.

Since the subject of channeling our inner beach bunnies has arisen in the great email sister conversation today, your first link is from Yahoo - Top Ten Beaches. Pick your favorite and get ready to rock and roll with your inner beach bunny or inner surfer dude.

I just love it when people have fun with math. Now if you combine statistics (the brunt of many math jokes) with the environment and feminism, you get Feminism: Destroying the Planet. Thanks to Science and Politics for highlighting this. (BTW, S & P is about to go big time over at the SEED ScienceBlogs. If you're into science, check out the site. It's very cool.)

This article was on Yahoo News yesterday. I'm fascinated whenever scientist discover new species, or extinct species that are living, or anything to do with evolution. If I ever get bored with the math and psychology stuff, I'll just have to go after another degree in whatever is required to do this kind of research.
Scientists discover 8 new species AP - Thu Jun 1, 4:34 PM ET
JERUSALEM - Israeli scientists have discovered an ancient ecosystem containing eight previously unknown species in a lake inside a cave, where they were completely sheltered from the outside world for millions of years.

Finally we have this, also from Yahoo - Mona Lisa's voice finally heard. This may be even too weird for me.

So that's it for tonight. Enjoy your weekend. (Billy Holiday is playing on my mp3 right now. What a way to start the weekend. *grin*)

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