Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday miscellany

I really need a job or something that reasonably approximates a regular income! I'm close to the panic stage where I just grab the first thing that comes up even when I know it's a mistake. But for tonight, I'm ignoring that and hoping that all the resumes that went out this week will get me something other than silence or a "thanks, but no thanks" letter.

Just to add to the noise in my house, the erstwhile housemate got some chicks. Here are the babies right after they went into their "growing up" pen. When they get big enough, they'll go outside with the other chickens. Baby chicks are noisy and make a mess. It's only been 24 hours, but I can't wait. Sort of like the kid in the car asking every 5 minutes, "are we there yet?"

And here are all the ducklings after a week. They're growing like weeds. LOL I like the ducklings better than the chicks - they're cleaner and they actually shut up once in the while.

I have to change a couple of links on the blog since two of my favorites (Mixing Memory and Science & Politics) have moved over to the SEED ScienceBlogs. Science & Politics is now A Blog Around The Clock. I'm adding ScienceBlogs to my links as well. Lots of very good science blogs now residing there. I have a habit of landing there for ridiculously long periods of time. Really, go check them out.

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