Friday, October 07, 2005

I'm Surprised

I didn't really expect anyone to wander off and read this let alone offer a welcome. Of course I haven't said anything yet that will cause you to enter a comatose state. Once I do, you all will remember Teresa's greeting (*** Sending over a bottle of Drambuie to start you off right - THAT should certainly be interesting - drunk blogging at its finest! *grin*) and beg me to hurry up and drink the Drambuie. The good news there - it only takes one drink and I'm toast. *snork*

Thanks to all of you who welcomed me to the family. *grin*

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Contagion said...

My wife tried Drambuie for the first time this week. She was pleasantly surprised. Nothing like an old Jacobite drink that is nothing more then Scotch with Honey.