Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The fastest turn down ever

I submitted an online application today, received confirmation of receipt at 12:05, received the "thanks but not thanks" email at 12:43.

I'm pretty sure now that I am totally unemployable so the cat and I are making a list of couches we can sleep on starting April 1st. Please let me know what dates are available at your house.


vw bug said...

Would you really want to stay in a house with 2 small boys and a large dog? That and I have a tendency to put guests to work on house stuff. I'll put good thoughts and prayers your way. Just because that happened, it was just another one for you not to worry about. Now you can focus elsewhere.

MathCogIdiocy said...

The large dog doesn't scare me since there is a rather large dog in this house. House stuff doesn't scare me. But two small boys terrify me! LOL

I'll take all the good thoughts and prayers I can get. Thank you. :-)