Saturday, April 22, 2006

The other twin has arrived!

My gorgeous, charming, funny niece who is now my other blog daughter has arrived. Check out her description of herself - this is so the niece. You can find her at Zephyr's Place.

And remember all you dirty old men out there that I may be gun deficient, but I'm handy with a knife. *hehehe*


Teresa said...

I've been mostly offline over the weekend. I'll get links up as soon as I can get my act together and brave the template. *grin*

Harvey said...

That last line is obviously aimed at me, so let me know how old she is so that I can keep my comments age-appropriate :-)

MathCogIdiocy said...

Harvey -
The last line was just my generic auntie stuff coming out. She's 22 but amazingly innocent for her age. This part is a secret - she's blond, blue-eyed, and is built like a willowy Marilyn Monroe. Can you say "gorgeous?" If I didn't love her, I'd have to gouge her eyes out. :-)