Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Personality Tests

Over at vw bug's, is a link to another online personality test. It seems that the net is over run with various long, short, and in between personality tests. Everything you may want to know about your personality, or any facet thereof, is available. What these tests don't come with is an explanation of how the test was created and verified. However, there is usually a disclaimer that the test if "for entertainment purposes only."

What I find most interesting is that I generally test relatively high on the masculinity scale and low on the feminity scale. I also scored high on masculinity on the MMPI. Now the MMPI is a well documented psychological test so maybe, at least in this area, these amateur personality tests are accurate. The question is, of course, does the "high" masculinity rating reflect a societal view that makes someone with a more analytic frame of mind masculine while someone who is more emotional feminine? If one is a geek and, horror of horrors a math geek, must that person by definition be masculine?

So, here's my personality report - respectful creator - as reported on the PersonalDNA test. Those of you who know me can decide how accurate this test is. LOL

You may have noticed that I'm trying something new - Technorati tags. woohoo


vw bug said...

Yep, I'm surprised at how 'masculine' I was... and I can guarantee it is because I don't care about my clothes... I like comfy, not what is in style.

Contagion said...

I'm always told I'm authoritative, masculine and have no empathy.

MathCogIdiocy said...

Just imagine the havoc vw and I could wreak on contagion. hehehe

Harvey said...

"must that person by definition be masculine?"

Maybe not by definition, but statistically it's far more likely :-)

MathCogIdiocy said...

well, Harvey, if it's statistically far more likely that an analytic mind is masculine, then once again I'm an outlier! hehehe

Actually I don't think that a woman is any less capable of thinking analytically. I do think that we (women) are generally socialized in ways that do not encourage analytic thought, but rather more emotional responses. On the flip side, men are discouraged from emotional responses and rewarded for the use of a cooler more analytic approach.