Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday miscellany while climbing another rung on the project ladder

I was able to get out of work today and go to the weekly math seminar. Today's seminar was a trial run for students making presentations at a math conference and the college's Academic Excellence Conference. Some really interesting stuff. Some of the work these kids are doing is truly amazing.

Now how does this relate to my honors project? Well, I took the time afterwards to talk to the department chair and the relevant professor about my project. They've both given their permission for me to use the Intro to Abstract Algebra class as guinea pigs. (Really, all I'm going to do is give the class a test before and after they complete the section that introduces set theory.) Now if I can just get all the official approvals on the project proposal paper, I can submit the study to the IRB for approval and actually start. Woohoo!

Totally unrelated - the one seminar I really wanted to go to this semester ( Permutations, Trees, and the Cantor Set), I couldn't make. Talked to the professor who did that one and he's emailed me his presentation. At least I'll have a little light reading while I study for the next exam in History & Systems.

If you've gotten this far, here are some of the one word descriptions of me courtesy of my friends. LOL

From sister: Big-sis (ummm.....)
From my oldest friend: unpredictable but fun - ok it's three but what the hell (this says it all)
From blog-sis, Irish: Survivor (well I did bury two husbands. LOL)
From my squirrelly friend: Friend (this is good)
From the southern belle: Dedicated (okay? wonder what I'm dedicated to other than making everyone miserable by rambling on about math)
From the picky one: intellebabe (I love this one!)


Contagion said...


YAY no word verification!

MathCogIdiocy said...

oooo......matalicious. That's as good as chocolate. *grin*

Teresa said...

Oh my - I didn't actually do that one... One word for you...



MathCogIdiocy said...

well I always wanted to be "unique" although most of the time it's more like me saying, "unique this is the right one?"