Monday, February 06, 2006

Checking in (and bitching)

so you don't think I've died or done something equally as unsocial. Last week was a pain - I had insomnia every night. Not happy. Very crabby. The doctor has me on a diet to try to control high blood pressure and I'm not seeing any change. Not happy. Very crabby. The doctor hasn't got an answer to why I had chest pains so severe that I hied myself off to the ER on New Year's Eve. Not happy. Very crabby. Do not want to have to take medication for blood pressure. Not happy. Very crabby.

But....Saturday was wonderful. See The Mini Blog Meet over at my blog mama's. And I slept real good that night. Very happy.

Now I have to go play with the format on a paper that's due tomorrow. You'd think that having started life as an English major and spending a good part of 15 years writing for my job, that I could write this paper without a professor who is harping on using the college's published writing guide for the format. I went to the library, looked at the writing guide. Well sheesh, for psych papers it's just APA format. He couldn't say that???? Not happy. Very crabby.


Teresa said...

Shall we take you back out to the Olive Garden? *grin*

And you know I would be willing to bet that the professor has NO idea what an APA format is... I'm just sayin'...

MathCogIdiocy said...

There's an Olive Garden here and it's in the same shopping plaza as Borders. *grin* I'll get Joe to make chocolate cake.

Unfortunately, the professor does know what APA format is. I probably just needed some cheese with my whine.

Sticks said...

Keep following up with the doc on your blood pressure and chest pains. Don't let it take a backseat to everything else. My best friend just died of a heart attack at age 41. Check out some heart facts I posted on my site.

MathCogIdiocy said...

sticks - thank you for your concern. I am following up on all of this. My blood pressure has actually (finally) started coming down and entering the range the doc wanted to see. I haven't had any further chest pains or any of the other problems I had new year's eve. Since I plan to spend another 40+ years making my friends miserable (I'm a math pusher *grin*), I'll be good.

I'm so sorry that your friend died. It seems criminal that ER docs can just fluff off someone and not be held responsible.