Friday, December 09, 2005

Five Weird Habits

Teresa has tagged me with this meme although she asks if it should be the "5 habits of Weird People?" Perhaps it should be the 5 Hobits of the weirdly ordinary world. I don't know, but here you go.

1) the number one weirdest habit according to my friends is reading math text books for fun.

2) I was going to say that backing up my research files in 3 different places was weird, but that just may be anal.

3) after I eat a Dove dark chocolate I always fold the wrapper in thirds, then in thirds again, and then roll it up. Well sometimes I save them because I like the message.

4) I add up the numbers on license plates, but I have to find them in consecutive order (this semester I've gotten 10 thru 39).

5) I don't think I'll admit to any more, this is beginning to sound like I have a little personality problem.

Now the problem of tagging 5 people. I emailed Teresa and asked if I could arbitrarily pick five people from The Bad Example Family since I don't actually know 5 bloggers. Since she said it was okay, here they are:

_Jon of We Swear - cause the blog momma said you were just dying to answer this.

Sarah of That's Not Very Nice! because she tagged me before. - Well shoot, Sarah's already been tagged with this one. If anybody wanders by and wants to take her place, feel free.

VW Bug at One Happy Dog Speaks because my dog is one happy dog and he's speaking right. now.

Well that's three.

I guess for the fourth I'll see if I can tag Jenna (even thought she's not in the family) at Sorgin because she really needs more to do as the semester winds down.

Hmmmm. Who for a fifth?
Okay, how about Jeff at Ponytailed Conservative because I adore people who aren't at all PC.


_Jon said...

I dunno if I can swear here, so I won't.

But I sure as heck will in my reply.

I'd say "thanks", but it wouldn't be sincere. In fact, it would be sarcasm.

And that's my sense of humor.

vw bug said...

I got your comment that I was tagged. What is it with Math people? They seem to love to tag me with meme's. ;-)

MathCogIdiocy said...

_Jon - you could swear here. I may have fooled a large group of people into thinking I'm a lady, but.....

vw bug - it's cause math people are all happy dogs or have happy dogs and so like your "name"

Harvey said...

HA! You got _Jon!

Excellent :-)

MathCogIdiocy said...


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