Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Stopping in to visit my own life

I've been busily trying to get school work done. So far I have two short and one long paper in the works, one short paper done and turned in, one take home exam written up, and the data analysis done for an extra credit paper (I want a 100 not a 90 for a test grade). Somewhere in there I did some database work, went to see a local production of Godspell, did the normal work and school stuff, completed all the paperwork for the honors program, and got sick.

I have the yuckys right now. You can tell I do because I didn't go to work today and paid sick time isn't part of my job. So I'm feeling sorry for myself as I go through the process of notifying professors, work, and the students in a project group when I started laughing. Why? Because I remembered that my mother used to do some self-medicating with alcohol. On occasion she'd wake up with a hangover, but my mother never had a hangover. It was always something she ate or a stomach bug. So here I am with a list of symptoms that except for the chills sound a lot like a hangover and a little ticked off that I didn't even get to have the "fun" of having a drink or two. Sheesh


Teresa said...

Chicken soup... I think that's what you need. Or maybe chocolate - I'm sure you can get hold of that *grin*... Feel better soon!

MathCogIdiocy said...

Would chicken pot pie for lunch and some kind of soup (unknown at the moment) for supper work? Believe it or not, chocolate hasn't been appealing the past two days. And yes, I'll take some cheese with my whine. *bg*